Mark Turner

Vice President, Corporate Partnerships & Strategy
“I'm excited by the possibilities of next-gen immersive video and audio technologies”

Based in Los Angeles, Mark Turner manages Technicolor’s partnerships across the media ecosystem as part of Corporate Strategy.  Mark is especially focused on companies in the new and emerging fields of virtual and mixed reality as well as next-gen immersive video and audio technologies such as high dynamic range, 4K UltraHD and 3D audio.

Mark has spent over 20 years in business and new product development for technology and entertainment companies. His expertise spans offerings including digital cinema; digital home delivery through cable, broadcast, and satellite; Internet television; mobile devices; and the convergence of these delivery systems. Prior to Technicolor , Mark worked for Dolby securing content for new products including Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos. Prior to that Mark ran strategic engagements with major media aggregators (such as the studios, Netflix, Hulu, and YouTube) for Microsoft and launched the successful Xbox Apps program.

Mark loves photography and annoying his family by turning excursions into long photography sessions.

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