Every episode of The Future Trust’s Podcast gives you the opportunity to hear from the industry’s leading innovators, strategists, and disruptors as they develop new technology
and navigate new territory to bring you the most immersive content experiences.

Every episode of The Future Trust’s Podcast gives you the opportunity to hear from the industry’s leading innovators, strategists, and disruptors as they develop new technology and navigate new territory to bring you the most immersive content experiences.

  1. How Acceptance of PON Opens New Opportunities for CPE to Meet Consumer Broadband Demand
    An interview with Gary Gutknecht, Senior Vice President of Product Management at Technicolor Connected Home. We discuss how new developments in passive optical networking (PON) are changing the way network operators provision fiber to the home connections, and creating new opportunities to introduce innovative customer premises equipment (CPE) to the market.
  2. Technicolor Helps Service Providers Accelerate Delivery of 1Gbps Services, with G.fast
    In this episode, Karel Adriaensen, Director of Product Management at Technicolor, explains how and when G.fast will become available to accelerate the rollout of ultra-broadband services.
  3. VR Production 101: What Stays and What Goes as VR/AR Offer New Canvas to Content Creators
    We caught up with Boo Wong, Group Director of Emerging Technology at The Mill, to learn more about the artistic and technological challenges in immersive media, and how video content producers are rising to meet them.
  4. HDR Represents New Opportunity for Satellite Operators to Introduce New Visual Experiences
    HDR video technology will enable satellite broadcasters to deliver higher quality video to end users, but there are still a few bumps in the road. The Future Trust caught up with Richard Cheeseman, Director Product Management, Satellite Set-Top Box at Technicolor Connected Home, to learn what these are and hear how Technicolor and Philips are working together to overcome some of them.
  5. Rolling in “The Deep”: How Compelling Characters and Strong Storytelling Create a Brand for an Adventurous Age Group
    This episode features an interview with Alison Warner, Vice President of IP Sales, Acquisitions and Co-productions at Technicolor, and Steven Wendland, Vice President of Animation and Creative Head of Technicolor’s Animation Group. They discuss the reasons for the success of the animated series The Deep and how Technicolor is building on this with the extension of the show’s brand.
  6. Bringing VR to the Next Level: Immersive Content Creation and Distribution
    Creating compelling immersive experiences will be key to industry growth, but will present new challenges to both creative and technical talent. Senior VP of Immersive Media and Head of the Technicolor Experience Center Marcie Jastrow discusses this and the impact of VR in this episode.
  7. The Role of System-on-Chip (SoC) Sector in Bring High Dynamic Range Video to Consumers
    In this episode, The Future Trust spoke with one of the key experts on HDR at Technicolor Connected Home, Brian Jentz, a Senior Director of Product Management, to learn how Technicolor is working with chip manufacturers to offer service providers solutions to these problems, helping them to deliver HDR content cost-effectively to their customers.
  8. How The Right Technology and Collaboration Can Help Make Next-Generation Immersive Experiences Social
    In this episode, The Future Trust spoke to Danny Vossen, ‎Director of Strategy, Business Development and Marketing for Connected Home at Technicolor, to discuss the current state of the market, near-term opportunities and why collaboration and synchronization are essential to architecting the future.
  9. Technicolor Helps Cable Operators Meet the Challenges of Delivering HDR Content to the Home
    The Future Trust takes time in this episode to speak to Josh Limor, Vice President of Technology and Ecosystem Development at Technicolor, as he explains some of those challenges of HDR and how Technicolor is helping cable operators prepare to meet them.
  10. Industry Collaboration on HDR is Essential to Maximize Interoperability & Avoid Consumer Confusion
    Broad collaboration across all aspects of the value chain will be essential to ensuring this exciting technology gains wide acceptance. To get a semiconductor industry perspective on the opportunities posed by HDR, TFT spoke with Gaurav Shah, Vice President Marketing and Strategy for the Multimedia Business Unit at MARVELL Technology Group. Technicolor and MARVELL are working jointly on a range of HDR projects.
  11. Technicolor’s Mark Turner on the Challenges and Opportunities HDR Holds for the Entertainment Value Chain
    The Future Trust sat down with Mark Turner, Vice President, Partnership Relations and Business Development, Technicolor Hollywood Product Relations, to get a sense of the challenges and opportunities HDR holds for the entertainment value chain.
  12. How Asia-Pacific is Setting the Pace in the Connected Home Landscape
    The Asia Pacific region has been a sector of dramatic growth and development for Technicolor Connected Home. The Future Trust discussed this with Georges Laplanche, Head of Connected Home APAC, to hear how Technicolor is serving the region, and why it’s such an important market for achieving our mission-critical objectives.
  13. Video Services Challenges and Opportunities for North American Service Providers
    The Future Trust recently had the opportunity to sit down with Luis Martinez-Amago, President, Connected Home North America, to discuss the rapidly changing dynamics in the consumer entertainment marketplace, the technological paradigm shift reshaping video services, and Technicolor’s vision for the market in the near future.
  14. HDR is a Powerful Tool for Content Creation
    To gain a deeper understanding of HDR’s impact, The Future Trust interviewed Gary Mandle, Senior Product Manager, Professional Solutions America, for Sony Electronics. Mr. Mandle is currently working on the development of displays used for video production and post production applications.
  15. Setting the Mark for Next Generation Single Stream HDR Distribution Through Cable Providers
    In this episode, The Future Trust talks with Josh Limor, Vice President of Technology and Ecosystem Development at Technicolor, to learn how this award-winning technology works and how it will help deliver more vivid, immersive experiences today and in the future.
  16. Bart Vercammen Comments on State of on VDSL2 and G.fast
    The Future Trust talks to Bart Vercammen, Vice President of Product Management at Technicolor, as he discusses both VDSL2 and G.fast as viable approaches for service providers.
  17. Gary Gutnecht on DOCSIS 3.1
    In this episode of The Future Trust Podcast, listen to Gary Gutknecht’s candid thoughts about what the new DOCSIS specification means for the cable industry and consumers.
  18. Interview with Mark Turner On UHD Alliance Specification Announcement
    The Future Trust interviewed Mark Turner, Vice President of Partner Development and Business Development for Technicolor, to get some context and perspective on how the new UHDA specifications will affect the media and entertainment technology sector.
  19. Deepwater Horizon Part 1
    The Future Trust discusses all things sound and editing with two leading sound artists who worked on Deepwater Horizon, Dror Mohar and Mike Prestwood Smith.
  20. Deepwater Horizon Part 2
    The exciting conclusion to Deepwater Horizon Part 1 closes with thoughts from sound editor, designer, and re-cording mixer Dror Mohar and re-recording mixer Mike Prestwood Smith.
  21. VR Opens New Doors to Experiential Branding, Advertising, and Promotional Initiatives
    We caught up with Tim Dillon, executive producer of VR and Creative at MPC, an Academy Award-winning visual effects studio and Technicolor business, to hear more about VR and its use as a powerful medium for branding, advertising and promotions.
  22. Asia Pacific Broadband Growth: Creating Opportunity to Tackle the Region’s Challenges Broadband uptake and bandwidths are on the rise throughout Asia, driven primarily by demand for video content.
    Geert Matthys, Vice President of Customer and Product Management for Technicolor Connected Home, Asia Pacific, explains some of the factors determining uptake, and the technology choices being made to provide broadband services in the region.
  23. SES Explores State of HDR in Satellite Entertainment Distribution Environment
    Geostationary satellite operator SES delivers broadcast content direct to homes and to cable head-ends for some of the world’s largest blue chip broadcasters. We caught up with Thomas Wrede, SES’s VP reception systems, as he explains how SES is working with Technicolor and with Philips to help broadcasters prepare to deliver High Dynamic Range (HDR) and Ultra-High Definition (UHD) content efficiently to consumers around the world.
  24. Harmonizing Access Throughout the Home is the Key to Cable Company Success
    Cable companies in North America are upgrading broadband networks to cater to surging demand for video services at an increasingly rapid pace. However, according to Sal Ternullo, Senior Vice President for Syndication Partners at Technicolor, as the range of services and the number of devices in the connected home grows, operators will need to focus on harmonizing all these services and optimizing consumers’ experience of them.
  25. Challenges to Asia’s Telecom Operators on Superfast Broadband and Next-Generation Video Services
    Broadband infrastructure is a prerequisite for a competitive market in OTT video services, and the models for broadband infrastructure rollout in Asia Pacific are as diverse as the nations themselves. Christophe Cazes, VP Sales, Connected Home Asia Pacific with Technicolor, explains the issues facing providers of OTT services, and what Technicolor is doing to help them overcome these.